Events that recur monthly or weekly can be easily set up. Such events have to be created in a group so it is easy for users to deal with all the events in one place.

The dates for the new events (if monthly) are based on the day of the week and the week in the month. For example if you start with an event on the 14 September 2012 - the 2nd friday of the month - then future events will be on Fri 12th Oct and Fri 9th Nov - both also the the 2nd friday of the month. You can also choose to recur events based on the last day in the month. For example, the last Thursday of the month.

Firstly, create a single event on the next date it happens and double check all the details are correct.

(The event has to be in a group but the Calendar will prompt you if it is not.)

Then look at the event. On this page, there should be a “Recur” button.

On clicking “Recur” then “Monthly” or “Weekly” you are presented with a list of times and dates that the event will recur on.

Double check the dates and submit the form to create the events.

Note that events will not be on this list if they already exist, to prevent you creating 2 events at the same time.

Note events are only created several months into the future. This is deliberate:

  • by making a contributor come back regularly we have confirmation that the event is still going. Warnings are sent to people who watch the group when events are about to run out.
  • by making a contributor check dates as they create them we can catch special cases. If the last tuesday of the month happens to be Dec 31st then the regular event probably isn’t on that evening and a contributor can spot that.

You can come back and create more events regularly. Simply find the latest event in the group, check it’s details are still correct and press the “Recur” button.